Counseling is provided by Masters level therapists. Treatment is unique to the student's needs.

Our Therapeutic Boarding School Model

Therapeutic ModelProgress of our students is based on a collaborative and collective effort of the Christian Mental Health Counselor, Directors, Staff, and Family members. The most influential of all of these are the parents. Counseling is provided through a Biblical-based holistic approach. 
Treatment is unique to the student’s needs. To achieve the next level students and families must complete program assignments before moving forward. Emotional intelligence growth varies with each student. Therefore, duration of enrollment at our school is based on progress rather than time. While the enrollment agreement is set for a minimum of 15 months, students should remain and keep on in this healthy environment until they are fully ready to return home and succeed. Pastoral Counseling and/or Life Coaching is used as a tool to construct a cultivating environment in which student and families can restore a meaningful nurturing future together.


Individual Pastoral Counseling

Each Student is specially assigned to the caseload of a LGA on-site Pastoral Counselor. Along with individual and group counseling, this Counselor is also responsible to ensure a smooth delivery of all of LGA’s services to the student and family. The counselor is the point of contact for the family, available to answer questions and give updates on the student’s progress.


Family Sessions

Working together toward the progress as a family unit and the goals that each family has for their relationships with each other is what family sessions specifically focuses on. In-house sessions with an advanced request, Transition and/or “Life-Story” sessions with the family are at least every 8 weeks during our on-campus Parent-Day Weekend for parents. Family counseling can also takes place over the phone. Family counseling goals and objectives are reached with the pastoral counselors working with the students and parents and individual pastoral counseling is working with the student to help achieve those goals, objectives, and boundaries while in the program.   


Group Session 

Therapeutic ModelTopics and issues are addressed according to what our student population is facing through group sessions. Group sessions are comprised of the student body, which all have the same pastoral counselors. To further gain comfort and confidence, students are placed in a setting to hear other students’ life stories and see that they are struggling with issues that are very similar to the ones they are working on. Students will learn the importance of sharing within a safe and supportive culture and that their story can help and heal those that are with them. The student will learn to not think of themselves, but to think who they can help by opening up and letting other hurting teen girls see that they are not alone and that there is hope. 


Holistic & Biblical Approach 

Each girl’s individualized plan focus is considered from a holistic approach: mind (education & the word of God), body (nutrition & exercise), and spirit (accepting Christ & showing good fruits/living a biblical standard). A balance is created and the opportunity for a successful and joyful life is greatly enhanced when this approach is taken. 


Therapeutic Bible-Based Curriculum

The first hour of each school day is devoted to a therapeutic focus. Our bible-based, therapeutic curriculum is designed in such a way to emphasize introspective thinking and works hand-in-hand with our Christian counseling. Tailored for the individual student, the work required encourages our students to examine areas of their lives that are in need of change, change that comes through knowing God – His character and His word. Students are required to complete 12 units before graduation from our program which is accomplished through meeting daily and weekly goals.


Girls Only – No Boys! 

Therapeutic ModelThere are distinct rewards to a “Girls Only” program. We found that with boys absent from the center, there are minimal distractions. There are no walls to be put up, no facade or masquerades to impress the other sex. They learn to support each other and to build relationships with other girls their age which they haven’t done until this time. Having a bad hair day or a pimple is no longer a main issue, they learn to deal with it and see that other sisters in the program accept them. They become family and begin to see all their imperfections, moods, and quarks that other people don’t see because they live with each other and they’re okay with that. They realize that their new sisters can act as a support system and that the girls are very similar to each other. That they were born with a purpose, that they all want to belong to something greater than themselves, that they no longer want to take their families or life for granted and that their past does not dictate your future! They understand they are not alone. 


Putting Into Practice 

Interactions with boys are held to a minimum and usually during church services and events off campus with the student leaders of that youth group, who are held to a higher standard than the regular student that goes to service. These students are the participating youth leaders that have a passion for God, serve at the church and have an accountability partner assigned to them that they must report to on a weekly basis. To separate these girls completely from boys would not allow us to put into practice the Godly standard we teach of what is appropriate cross-gender behavior and what is not within the safe environment of a church setting and youth outings.

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls like Lakeland school for girls offer behavioral therapy for troubled teen girls with teen counseling designed to improve behavior. At-risk teenage girls are helped in this residential program, girls who are struggling with anxiety, anger, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or drug or substance abuse.

Therapeutic Model | Lakeland Grace Academy

Counseling is provided by Masters level therapists. Treatment is unique to the student's needs.

Lakeland Grace is a Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school for girls that enrolls troubled girls. We help troubled teen girls from homes in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and from as far away as California. A Christian boarding school for girls, LGA is an alternative to therapeutic boarding schools in Florida and throughout the South.